2 Keto Coffee Creamer Recipes – Coconut Coffee and Bulletproof

– Hey guys, today on
Low Carb with Jennifer, we are going to be making
bullet proof coffee. I’m going to show you all of my tips on how to make bullet proof coffee and coconut coffee without
using a heavy duty blender. You can find the link to the recipe in the description below. Or you can go to jenniferbanz.com
and search coffee. So today, we’re going to
be working on Keto coffee or butter coffee, and coconut
coffee which is new to me. It uses coconut milk. So we have this canned coconut milk. These are all for our coffee. Let me start over. We’ve got Keto coffee,
or bullet proof coffee, which is got butter,
and you can sweeten it. And some people use collagen, and MCT oil. I’m not going to use MCT
oil because I’m allergic. And then we also have coconut coffee which uses coconut milk and a sweetener. So I got two types of
coffee I want to make. And I’m going to make
them two different ways without using a big giant blender. So let’s get to work. So first lets do our Keto
coffee, bullet proof coffee, and I’m going to use this little thing which I just love so much. This is how I make my
coffee every morning. It’s a little frother, a milk frother, but it’s perfect for getting your coffee all emulsified because when you mix the butter into the hot liquid of the coffee. It doesn’t want to incorporate. But this little stick thing right here is going to make it
come together perfectly. So the first thing we’re going to do, is we’re going to put it one or two tablespoons of butter in our coffee. And then, we’re I’m also going to add some collagen. So this is just you know, you know whatever brand collagen you like. I’m going to add a scoop of collagen. It’s really good for you. Uh oh. (laughs) And then I’m going to
add in some hot coffee that I stole from my office lobby. So that’s going to melt the butter. And then we’re going to use
our little stick immersion milk frother, thingy and
we’re going to blend it up. And as it’s blending, the
butter’s going to melt, and I am going to give you a little trick, and you can use unsalted
butter if you want. But I like to use salted butter, because I’m kind of crazy
like that, and I love salty, sweet and salty. What we can see, we’re getting
really good and frothy. It’s looking really delicious. I’m just going to get that butter melted. But this little stick,
milk frother is like, I think they’re like 10
to 15 dollars on Amazon. And they are the bomb. And that is all, look at all that. Look at that froth. Look at that. That’s just amazing. So now we can pour it into our coffee cup. And coffee is served for the morning just like that. So one thing I forgot to
mention is the sweetener. And you can use any sugar
free sweetener that you like. Or if you want to use sugar,
you know, whatever go ahead. I like to use this Stevia. It’s a zero calorie liquid
sweetener, and I just just do it like this for a
few seconds into my coffee, and I’m like so addicted to this stuff. They’ve got a Walmart brand. They’ve got a Kroger brand. And I literally, I cannot go without it. It’s for traveling. I have to take it with me. I just cannot even think about putting anything else in my coffee. So there’s our butter coffee
or bullet proof coffee. So now we can do our coconut milk coffee. So let’s put our butter away. And for this one, you can
use collagen if you want to. And this one, I’m going to
use the immersion blender. So we’re going to do about a
third of a cup of coconut milk, ’cause that is only two carbs. Okay we’re going to add about a
third of a cup of coconut milk. Just like that. And then I’m going to add in my sweetener, ’cause I’m obsessed. Uh oh no it’s gone. I have more. And we’re going to add our coffee. And since this, you know, coconut milk has coconut oil in it, you
are definitely going to want to use an immersion
blender, to get all mixed up. You can use this thing too. But I want to show you, ’cause
if you don’t have one of these and you have one of these,
maybe you want to use this. So we’re going to start our low,
and you just want to pulse it because if you do it too much, your going to have coffee
all over your kitchen. So you just want to do it a little bit. (blender buzzing) So you don’t get coffee all
over your self in your kitchen. (blender buzzing) Just pulse it. (blender buzzing) And you definitely want to do this into something that’s not a coffee cup. Because coffee cup is too shallow. You’re going to definitely
want to use a taller cup. And a lot of times these,
stick blenders come with something that you
can blend liquids in. It’s not as frothy. I definitely prefer this. But, this will do in a pinch. So there we have our two coffees. We have our Keto coffee,
but bullet proof coffee, and our coconut coffee. And we’ve got one with collagen. We’ve got one with coconut milk. And let me know below what your favorite zero calorie sweetener is
for your coffee ’cause I, I am obsessed with this stuff, but I’m always interested in hearing what other people use. And you can find the
link for these videos, I mean, you can find the
links for these recipes in the description below. Thank you for watching, bye! (pleasant music)

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