🛑 NOT Losing Weight on Keto Diet Plan?  👸(5 WEIGHT LOSS TIPS!)

🛑 NOT Losing Weight on Keto Diet Plan? 👸(5 WEIGHT LOSS TIPS!)

I suppose with counts of low carbon on this episode we’re going to talk about not losing weight on the keto diet meal plan 5 solutions for weight loss coming up next this episode we’re gonna talk about not losing weight on the keto diet meal plan I’ve got 5 solutions 5 tips for you to help you with your weight loss journey but first make sure that you click like make sure that you click subscribe and sign up for my free a wiggly Wednesday cue meal plan this was this week’s meal Kevin hello it’s free it’s a printable my gift to you I don’t know why you quite frankly would not sign up to get such an awesome resource when people are targeting hundreds and hundreds of dollars for these it’s my gift to you down in the description link below now let’s dive into our video my question to you before starting this video is what have you found has stopped you from losing weight on the keto diet I’m taking a poll put it in the comments below tip number one I learned a few tricks under my belt and one of them is that I love lazy keto I love easy you know I don’t like to track it’s not within my personality style that was one of the reasons why I ran away from Weight Watchers was chronic tracking but one thing I have learned on my Kido weight-loss journey is when I hit a weight loss stall I have to go back to tracking so tracking your macros if you don’t know what your individual fat grams are per day or protein grams per day that very well may be the only thing you get out of this video is to go figure that out I will link down in the description link below my website link on how you calculate your own personal macros your own personal fat grams protein grams for your body I will link that down below [Music] I’ve had to do I’ve had to go back from doing lazy keto or more so easy keto to relearn what are the portion sizes and by having enough that because keto after all four keto beginners is high fat moderate protein low carb and you may not be getting enough fat Sanur too much protein this is moderate protein not high protein and that’s tip number two is you may be eating too much protein and the only way to figure out where these tweaks can come from for your keto weight-loss journey is through tracking I personally use carb manager to protract my fat macros each day it’s really really simple to go through put the meals in I use card manager premium paid this is not sponsored by them I pay for the service because it tells me net carbs which I like to calculate net carbs for non packaged foods packaged foods I’ll calculate carbs but for non packaged foods I do like the net carb option of having carbs – fiber so – number three prick Youngblood some people use at the beginning of the keto diet journey these the pee strips which is fine for the first day or two but after that keto ketone reading pee strips don’t work they don’t work so my encouragement she was get Aikido blood pricker [Music] then I just thought I’d count down by the way if you want my I’m countess t-shirts in the description link below and this should be point five to three to be in good catalyst I just came back from vacation it’s point eight which is not bad not bad at all I will link my Quito mojo affiliate link down below if you are interested in this I love I’ve tried a bunch of different ones and I like their glucose reader and their keto mojo reader and again this should be at 0.5 through 3 range is really really good blood blood numbaz and like surprise blood and you can bring your bug and will literally do your blood glucose but more importantly what is that moment your specific ketones within your body and it tells you with these awesome handy-dandy refills what your ketone good reading is which is super helpful and I like to nerd out with my data where my ketone reading is and it tells me and that’s tip number three and how does your body react to things some people’s bodies not some people everyone’s bodies react differently to different products and so I would encourage you get some data under your belt I’m talking through the keto mojo to see what reacts well with your body and what doesn’t for me I’m super sensitive to sugar-free products even keto approved sugar-free products so making sure I see what my blood reading is ninety minutes after I’ve eaten something is super helpful there’s the Don effects to make sure you don’t do it first thing when you wake up and I will link down below my Aikido mojo review video of what I thought about this bad boy tip number three is that your choose not number three where are we four or five whatever tip number one number five how many of you some bonus extras is that you’re shooting busy I hear that frequently in a lot of different ways across social media and if we’re not friends on Pinterest or Instagram or Facebook let’s bait but I hear people are too busy so I created a free resource to take out any sort of excuses for you this is my beginner keto beginner diet meal plan can you say free me and then also the keto restart so like you started and you falling off the wagon or whether you roll down the mountain straight to face the whole way and research this is a free resource and it’s easy because I like easy having an enriched schedule and it also has my tips it’s a free printable which I will link down below so if you are too busy this is the answer is simple meals simple easy keto meals don’t complicate it you don’t have to make though the keto offals craze that’s going on right now the the waffle chocolate how do you say it put in the comments below what is it is it chocolate waffles chill offals I’m saying it totally wrong because I’m a nerd but um did your free meal plan that will help eliminate some of the thought process of what am I gonna eat is it within my macros but I typically do figure out my meal plan and then I can figure out my macros for the portion size of what’s on the meal plan for my specific body tip number six this is bonus territory I said five we’re going on to six is your body’s become fat adopted which is great that happens after the first four to six weeks of eating on the ketogenic diet but you need to start leaving or I my encouragement to you is to start leaving in fasting with your keto meal plan so much research has been done by on the 2016 Nobel prize-winner on a tough OG it’s where your body is self eating the junk cells on dr. Fung has rocked it out so we know more about intermittent fasting adding that with the ketosis diet with ketosis life changing life changing at least for this check speaking of which I’m gonna start it’s not on the description link below check my next bonus round tip for you is you need more encouragement and when I felt like they’re out there like me who has mind every problems I do of where I can get discouraged easily and I need encouragement I need motivation I haven’t created an encouragement group called Royal Court which is an encouraging group of women of where we have daily and weekly motivation one of the tips that’s included is text messages from me personally I’ve text you encouraging messages to keep you daily within the keto weight-loss journey royal court for me has helped propel me through some rough times of where I kind of want to quit or I kind of give up and you know that’s the encouraging space to keep going along this three-year it’s been over three years for me on the keto diet lots of happened in this past three years on my Kido journey and I need I know what I need and it’s one of the reasons why Weight Watchers has been so successful it’s because of a group of encouraging people encouraging you and motivating you and that’s why I created royal court which is also in the description link below so not losing weight on keto put in the comments what are your what what’s the reasons why you’ve stalled what happened your reasons why you’ve stalled is it the holiday season and then you derail till March but in the comments below is it that you um went through a depression period or season of that I don’t let her know and I want to taking a poll which will be in the comments below make sure that you click like on this video click Subscribe if you want to see all things cute on all things intermittent fasting and I can’t wait to see you next time for our keto journey our weight loss journey or fasting journey and get your free keto meal plan too it’s my gift to you it’s being part of the Countess of low carb community bye guys make it a powerful day [Music] you [Music]

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