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first party to sit and look pretty because we’re gonna picture all right are you ready we are on live on Facebook and YouTube and I am here with Grandma rose and we have a really big announcement today that I thought it would be a perfect day to introduce everybody to Grandma rose she is the star of the book that I wrote and I wanted to tell a little bit more of a story about how this happened I’m an internal medicine physician and I have taken care of lots of folks with broken brains and I have been studying how the ketogenic diet is really helpful for patients who have had seizures for a long time and how to heal brain injuries but as I was studying this it was very you can get in a rabbit hole pretty quickly with a ketogenic diet and I kept running into all this information about cancer patients and how they were using it to stress out the cancer cells and made the chemotherapy much more effective and of course there’s always had always been this whisper in my mind I wonder if this would be helpful for my mom who had struggled with cancer for about ten years and I didn’t tell mom but we had gone keto about a month before this book starts when she walked into her doctor’s office after ten years of cancer and she’s feeling pretty rotten had low energy had been through chemo a couple times we could see the lymph nodes had really gotten enlarged again and and she was definitely wilted like her spirit had been dampened her energy was low she slept a lot I think at this point but out of the 52 weeks in the previous year you had been on antibiotics like 47 or 48 weeks it was terrible and he walked in and just before the doctor walked into the she says something very profound which was if he says chemo again the clothes I wanted my funeral around the top shelf and almost like scripted out a movie grandma hermos doctor walks in the room and indeed our fears were true her numbers were worse and he gave us the pink slip to start the chemotherapy and that’s when we’re walking to the place to schedule the chemotherapy and night and kind of shuffle on our feet and I asked her mom do you trust me and you kind of say of course I trust you 100% trust me and she’s like yes I trust you and then you said all right give me six weeks and that’s where the story starts is that grandma Rose had been struggling with cancer for over ten years I described her in the book as Mary Poppins in my life with abundant energy and magical things happen when she shows up but Mary Poppins had long died in the body she had – two years ago and these were the little notes that I kept while trying to teach her about the ketogenic diet and I didn’t plan on writing a book at the time I was just trying to study something that was new to me and I had kept the notes and my husband said that would make a really great book so it started out organically that I am naturally a teacher in my clinic for 20 years as a physician I find that’s my number one job is to be a teacher and so here I was teaching the most important student of my life about something that was just I was truly struggling to keep it all straight and stay out of the fluff of what’s junk science and what was real science and what was let’s just give it a try and so two years ago is when you started this yes and why don’t you tell them what happened when we went back in like the first six weeks do you remember that what we did well coached me along the way and I know that as we went through those first six weeks I started to gain some energy and I started to feel better and I know the hope was back yeah you could do something about your cancer for the first time in ten years it wasn’t just wait wait see there was actually something we could do and we held off on the chemotherapy and at that point your cancer was doubling every six weeks and you had already really high numbers with really big lymph nodes and do you remember me sharing and teaching how 20 carbohydrates a day was like no fruit how do I keep track of all this yes and then keeping up with convincing grandpa that you can’t have any carbs around because it was too tempting and so we went and we cleaned out all the cupboards on a farm all he wants is just a little bit of everything and lots of all of everything yeah and like carbohydrates were everywhere every dish you’d ever made all the canned goods that you had like enough to feed the whole county full of stored goods we just get rid of all of it right and and then at six weeks we went in and we were really hoping that it hadn’t doubled it hadn’t doubled again we had made an impact but at six weeks of a ketogenic diet what happened what were the numbers do you ever was lower they were they were really look they were really dumb but I don’t yeah I remember it was 30% down I was hoping it hit maybe it you know only went up by 50% maybe you went up by 70% because it was on target to almost triple based on the rate the cancer was growing I did not have any place in my mind for the numbers getting better yeah so that was our beginning and now I want two years later and today there is a huge moment in our story which is that this little book which is a love letter to my mom and a whole bunch of little lessons about how I coached her through this high carb Norwegian diet but we’ve done forever and how does it because how do you teach your 71 year old mother to do she ptosis when she’s also really not feeling well with cancer for ten years and so these love letters turned into these notes turned into a love letter which turned into a book and the book came out in February and little by little we’ve had a few people that made an impact you know one of the things that we’ve done is and tell tell about the Cancer Fund that you run in our company well I’m just on the board and we have this Cancer Fund and it only goes to Aurora County victims are people that get cancer in our county and and supported by the entire county but donations and they sponsor money making projects and stuff and as as these people send back a thank-you to the to the county fun because I’m the treasurer and so I couldn’t thank you as in it’s it’s so rewarding so what does the money go towards hobby how do they use it they use it it’s a grant to each one of these people that are diagnosed in our County whether they do a treatment or not if they are diagnosed with cancer they get it the only requirement is they have to be an Aurora County resident right and credible little nonprofit that if you have cancer they just gift you money and they say we don’t care what you use it for you can use it for prescriptions or you can use it to heart yeah go to the bar get drunk if you want to but they don’t probably gonna do that but they don’t control how you use it we just know that when you get cancer the hope is low and the bills are high and so this little group and we’ve given this book away to some of the people in your Cancer Fund yes people you know that are diagnosed with it and have a little bit of hope can make a little difference in the world right because you yeah you look back those first six weeks when we walked out of that office having such a positive reward in many ways we didn’t quite care what the loud said that at that time you felt better I felt better it was just an inspiration that gave you hope to say it’s right the the devastation of not having hope when you have cancer it trickles through so many people it does and one of the benefits that we’ve talked about is how when you have a kid when you teach them about what ketosis does and how it puts stress on the cancer cells and how it kind of fuels the brain to repair and the inflammation to lower and top vigy immature you know things like he’s never planning on you know spending time teaching my mom but it was so important to say you can do this yeah yeah and so then as we shared the book with people and they’ve read your story you know is there is there something that over the last two years you felt was like the hardest part though the hardest part is doing it all by yourself so the best part was that I had support my world you know I had this teacher that was my own daughter and so as I went through the learning process and what to do and what not to do and you know there’s a lot of yeses and noes that go along with this but it was amazing that God would give you the strength to say I’m gonna try this and I couldn’t stick with it right so when you look at the number of comments that I get are how much hope goes right through the book and then into the into the the people who never met us yes but when you tell a story right and you and you share what hope we found it wakes up on the pages of a book that today made it to the bestseller we got the best stylist sticker on our book and that’s the big announcement for today is that we have yeah there was a sticker came in the last week that was number two but this way we got a fast solid sticker that is on her book and never was like planning on it this many people being impacted by it but did you have all right final big night so the the journey of working together is another major part that I really found this support system yeah that definitely when you try to do this alone 100 miles from you know me but also at the time remember how we didn’t tell anyone oh it was such a secret it was such a secret you know and for a time I was in the hospital and very sick and they would bring me my food tray and as soon came in and that would close the door and flush the food or scrape it in the garbage you cover it up with a paper towel thank you I just don’t have the speed to explain this to the world we didn’t have a good book that people would engage in and I had these books that I was really looking at way too advanced for most of people to really pick up the story and read about them but in the end do you buy what do you think has been the most inspirational for you being able to stick with it and the people that are because every day courage to stay you know it’s not just the weight loss but it’s the energy that you get and you feel like doing something and it’s not just laying around do the same oh my gosh you know it’s an hour later and you know this is gonna get the best of me right but it’s not and you know the other part is that the people that have come and said you know I read your book and I lost my mom to cancer and that’s what we were ready for we were ready for death we were ready for the grave because we don’t both given up hope we’ve been 10 years into this story and we were following all the rules but your energy was gone the cancer had won even if it hadn’t taken over all of you the spirit had died yes and I think if nothing this past summer I gave Mom permission to die but know life is real and my kids will forever remember that this is the grandma rose that I knew you know I get this question a lot too and that is how is your cancer doing now well I always have it it’s probably possible to go into remission but I am you know one day at a time working working to eat those numbers down and right in the past like month we’ve had to restart chemo and what’s what did we decide we were gonna do when we knew that the chemo was needed you know about two years hardly meeting chemo and just a couple of pockets in there is really what we had and you responded amazingly but these numbers have shown again and we kind of knew this was coming but on Sundays what do you and I do that the best thing you can do with you know to get a good start in it you know it’s it’s the fast I’m fasting and it gives you you know it it gives you a clarity in your mind and you know I’ve done over 70 hours of fasting well actually a year ago I did forty days yeah you know I’m amazing you don’t need that food you don’t and you don’t get hungry I mean you get over that first few hours and you don’t have the hunger pains you don’t get hungry it’s not like you know people say oh I forgot to eat you do because you you don’t have the push to oh my gosh I need food but the belly growling right and it’s 71 you probably I don’t know if you ever said the words fasting and not be hungry ever like 74 and I’m still and I think that’s the part that some people have a tough time believing you go out on YouTube and you can see some of the naysayers saying how people get sick from that ketogenic diet and I’m like the first week can be rough and you do need a friend to get through some of this but to think that my mother would be saying the powerful thing you can do for your cancer is too fast once a week and so we start our fast on Sunday afternoons we do it together and I post my stuff on Facebook not just to inspire grandma but then to inspire several other patients that are out there trying to learn how to decrease the inflammation and it works it really does to just need that voice out there and you’ve got really good about checking numbers oh yes that’s another thing you know it’s a reward when you get up in the morning when you do that glucose and you do those ketone numbers yeah it has rewards it was you know it was all worth it right and then it’s it is we’ll try to reach for you know using a lot of the research that we looked at there is no double-blinded placebo-controlled taught try for your type of cancer but there is information out there that says but stress on those on those cancer cells which is to get that sugar lower and then to fuel the rest of her brain her body her immune system with good ketone numbers and we’ve worked really hard to not just teach her that but to make sure that we post enough on Facebook to not be your doctor but be your inspiration and I just want to say thank you for everybody that’s written a review on this book I never imagined the notes I was writing to my mom would turn into helping so many people so thank you thank you and I look forward to seeing where this takes us next okay so until next time thanks for tuning in we appreciate all your support I know you

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