in today’s video I’m going to follow up on my type 2 diabetes video because that video seemed to get a lot a lot of comments I’m here waiting for the kids I’m in the carpool lane and I wanted to just jump in and talk about diabetes again this is diabetes type 2 part 2 type 2 diabetes is a disease of diet that’s what it is it’s a disease of diet it’s a disease that is caused by the food we eat my last video was in the car as well and it was just sort of off the cuff just off of my heart conversation about how I didn’t realize I was pre-diabetic insulin resistant going down the path of getting my limbs cut off being told by doctors I was totally fine even though I had symptoms that were diabetic or pre-diabetic and I there were pretty good comments but there was a couple of comments on that video that were kind of alarming because I said something that struck a few people the wrong way and I guess I said that diabetes is a die disease of diet and I stick by that statement but it wasn’t a statement to say that people who have diabetes have it because they don’t eat well that wasn’t my intent there are some people we know who have diabetes because they eat crap that wasn’t my intent though my intent was to say diabetes is a condition of the body that is triggered by diet and triggered by our body not being able to process certain things our body not being able to you know create what it needs to work properly so I guess I just want to have a real raw chat with you and talk about this notion of type 2 diabetes and how not I wasn’t saying that it was a disease because people necessarily are choosing the wrong things like I thought I was eating healthy and I still was going down the path of diabetes you know I was eating sprouted whole green tortillas and rice cakes and you know I was eating things that I thought were healthy but my body didn’t have the proper tools my body didn’t have what it needed to process that food so I guess what I want to clarify in this video is that diabetes type 2 is not necessarily something that you are going to be born with you could have a genetic predisposition that’s another thing that kind of got a little bit crazy people like I said it was more environmental than genetic and I had just no no it’s genetic well yes and no right its genetic and it runs in families because of environmental and diet sometimes instilled early on but it also means that we could be predisposed because of genetic mutations right so yes it could be genetic yes diabetes can you know we can have a predisposition and a genetic mutation that doesn’t allow us to you know properly produce insulin or regulate it however I guess what I was trying to get at is that even though there could be a genetic mutation involved even though we can be predisposed to this disease we still can fight this disease and even reverse it with our choices of food and drink and I hope that that makes sense there can be genetic mutations involved in controlling glucose levels that can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes and these include the production of glucose the production and regulation of insulin how glucose levels are sensed in the body but the bottom line is even with these genetic mutations there’s a way to change the course of this disease with what we eat and what we drink so yes can it be difficult to separate genetic and environmental risk it can but I guess even for those of you who want to fight me because I said that it’s more environmental and you swear you put your hand on that Bible you swear that you have it because its genetic I guess what I want to say back to you is that even if its genetic you can fight it and you can reverse it and there’s proof and I’m living proof of it yes I’m probably genetically predisposed which I would I honestly would argue more against environmental in my case because I ate like crack growing up but even if I was genetically predisposed I can reverse it and I did reverse it so playing the victim mentality like it just doesn’t work here and if you want to do that in the comments I won’t even attack you other people are going to attack you because it’s not type 1 diabetes it’s type 2 diabetes type 1 diabetes is a condition that people are born with that literally does not enable them to create the insulin they have their body needs right type 2 could be genetic but it’s something that we can reverse based on our diet and that’s where I was going type 1 is something that is honestly a disease that has to be fixed with giving the patient insulin and I don’t want to I’m not a doctor I don’t want to go into all the medical stuff but I guess what I’m trying to say is dude if you have type 2 diabetes or you know you’re predisposed or you have in your family start now making those changes look into eating a ketogenic lifestyle look into eating low carb cut out sugar get rid of the crap in your diet take control get rid of wheat get rid of gluten get rid of high carb foods you know I mean now I’m gonna start preaching right because those comments just really got to me because because I said it was more predisposed to environmental risk and I got attacked on that I felt like it was almost an excuse for people to say it’s genetic like even if I am genetically predisposed this disease according to so much research and and so many doctors it literally is reversible you’re not gonna hear that from everyone trust me huge portion of the medical community wants you want insulin which doesn’t make any sense why you give an insulin to someone who creates too much insulin and doesn’t even process it properly but whatever make the right food and drink choices and you can reverse it like it’s just it’s simple it’s not easy it’s simple easy means it’s easy it’s not easy I’m not gonna sit here and say it’s easy it wasn’t easy to make a lifestyle change but it is simple my diet is simple my life is simple my health has just done a complete a complete turnaround I feel amazing I feel alive I feel like I’m thriving and I’m so blessed and so thankful that I took this information and ran with it so if you’re watching and you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic or you’re blowing up and you have you gaining weight or you you have urination problems pain you have symptoms of pre-diabetes symptoms of insulin resistance and if you don’t know or you’re not feeling very good like look it up I would just say consider consider a dietary change consider cutting out sugar consider eating low carb consider the ketogenic lifestyle consider drinking pure therapeutic ketones consider it like a lot of times we want to consider something when we’re at our wits end when we’re at the very end when the limb is gonna get cut off when we’re in our deathbed like I’m just so thankful that I didn’t wait that long I’m thankful that my body started blowing up I’m thankful that I was putting on so much weight it’s embarrassing and a shame and as horrible as I felt I’m I’m thankful for the foot pain I’m thankful for the back pain I’m thankful for the constant urge to go to the bathroom urinate I’m thankful for the headaches I’m thankful for the inflammation because it’s almost like my body was telling me your body needs something your body is doing something your body’s not doing something and anyway I’m gonna keep rambling I guess I had to make a part too because I had to address the fact this whole environmental versus genetic and this whole disease of diet issue I’m not blaming you I’m not blaming anyone for eating a certain way I’m just saying that with diet you can reverse this disease with diet with food and drink you literally can heal your body and/or prevent your body from going in a direction that is literally a direction I don’t want to go and that type 2 diabetes is not a terminal illness it’s an illness that you can reverse based on what you put in your body if you don’t believe me do some research and go look up some doctors who are corroborating this story because that’s where I got my information but if you listen to someone like me and then you do your own research that means so much to me so thank you so much for watching I gotta go I’m getting cold I gotta go alright guys subscribe like this video and I’ll see you the next one bye you

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