[Music] hey guys welcome back today I have a full day eating keto and a little diner recipe like the good greasy spoons recipes you miss I got one for you so stay tuned hey guys welcome back today we have a full day of eating keto and I am in the gym parking lot that’s like my hangout I am finishing a bang here so this is the one I’m drinking the cherry limeade ah yeah I mean it’s the first time trying this one and I thought it like sounded good not my favorite had better I mean it’s not the worst but I’ve had better so yeah we’re going to hit the gym today but before we get into our gym plan what I’m incorporating today and like what’s on the menu today’s a collab not only is today a collab it is a collab with one of the like first off she’s like a like girl crush okay Michelle Alvarez keitel gone glam like I feel like she is legit like my soul sister like if any two people were cut from the same cloth I really think it’s me and Michelle like I love you know like beat in the face I love being like pretty and stuff but like she’s like really good at it like she’s like you know what they say goals but not only that this girl has killed this game she’s doing extended fasting now I mean she’s like doing all the things like she is legit like keto goals she’s like personal she’s just a real sweethearts who I absolutely love her and yeah so I asked her if she would like to work with me and she said yes and I was like I was so excited so excited because I absolutely adore her so make sure you go and check out I’m sure you guys already subscribed to her because like I said she is like legit fire but if you’re not you need to go ahead and do so watch her video learn all the things she’s a shell Channel hi my name is Daniela and we do the keto thing around here as well but we sprinkle a little bit of life in there as well so anything that is everything your everyday life we do it over here we have a good time doing it we do a lot of full days of eating recipe videos all types of things but we real friends around here honey so you come here you know you’re welcome to be part of the crew we would love to have you so please make sure you subscribe stick around and join join the crew it’s good we good friends we do people around here but let’s start let’s see this is what you guys came here for we talked in Quito okay so I am fasting I’m really trying to stick to hardcore fasting really just you know I’m just feeling very inspired feeling very inspired holidays are fast approaching I would like to get some family pictures done I want to look like super super slim thick for the win at the gym we’re gonna work out like I said drink of the plant as drinking the the bang here but today I’m going to start something at different I talked about it yesterday on Instagram if you guys do not follow me on any of my other socials there down below it’s a good place come on over we have a good time I’m going to start I’m gonna try to start on the couch to 5k app today I really would like to run a 5k so I did bring I have a bad both of my knees are pretty bad my right is worse I have gel ejections in that right knee I brought my knee brace for the gym today and yeah so I’m going to do the app suggest three days so we’re gonna do three days of running I usually work out about three days um I don’t know how we’re I’m probably gonna have to lower my weights on weight I’m like days so I’m probably gonna cut my weight amount instead like half and then increase the reps which I’m not to to burden with I mean honestly guys my legs are pretty big um as long as I keep them pretty lean you know and you know muscular I like for my legs and my lower you know the peach to be round but anyways so today we are heading up we’re hitting up the gym we’re got the bang we’re gonna try the 5k app nervous but I’m feeling very enthusiastic about it but I got my electrolyte water this is the Whole Foods one I get ones from Walmart ooh this one is of one and a half liters and I want to say this one’s like a dollar fifty so I was at Whole Foods yesterday living my best Muji life and picked it up so if you guys you know have one close to you pick them off I think they’re really good I think that’s pretty affordable so yeah and then we’re gonna do some cooking today it’s gonna be a good day we bout to UM I have a taste for like diner food if you guys like diner food I like diner food um I got some new bread in I haven’t really been eating any bread but like you know obviously low carb bread but I got some in so anyways let’s hit this gym let’s finish this pre-workout let’s let’s kill it if you guys are like getting ready to kill it or if you’re at the gym watching me or if you’re thinking if you should go to the gym go honey let’s kill it we gonna kill it together alright let’s do it let’s go bye-bye okay I did it I did the whole day one week one I fed it I’ve tried to do this country I’ve tried to do this couch to 5k app many of times before I used to have a treadmill in my basement it broke and it was like it was a I mean to do his trick it helped me lose a tremendous amount of weight so I can’t like talk about about it but it was like um you kind of had to like pull it it was really hard to run on it and it was really near old too so I always felt like I was gonna fall anyways I had a lot of trouble trying to complete it and I never finished it and I was like forget it forget it I did the whole thing today guys like all eight parts of it I was so proud of myself I did stretch a lot before I get arms first with then I follow that up with some app so I did some bys tries and a little shoulder work then I followed it up with some ab work and then I finished it off with the 30 minutes I am like sweating but guys I feel so good I’m so proud of myself like this probably doesn’t seem like a lot of people but I find a very first up I get winded because I don’t know how to breathe so I was watching I’m probably gonna sound ridiculous but I was watching the YouTube videos like my best friend suggested to watch videos I have to like teach you how to breathe while running and I did that I felt like that helps and I didn’t like I ran I walked at like a three point four but I ran at like a five so it’s probably like a slow jog but I did it and I’m like really really proud of myself like my knee is okay I did put my brace on and this brace is a little tight but I like it to be a little tight I’m thinking I might get one for my other knee just to be on the safe side but I’m definitely gonna have to get better running shoes I think I’m gonna get the my best friend my best friend is like an avid runner and she did so good she’s actually she doesn’t follow Aikido she follows Weight Watchers but she well she’s pregnant now but when she did um PS baby Hannah should be on her way any day now she lost a tremendous amount of weight and she was so good so I like asked her for points and she said the Brookes running she was really help but she also has that plantar fasciitis on the bottom of her foot but yeah so the last meal I had was yesterday about 4 o’clock so it is now 10:40 so let’s go home let’s get this I was in the gym for a while an hour and 40 minutes let’s go home let’s get something to eat you here is breakfast so I have the pieces of bacon underneath so there’s the egg well let me show you the egg and then I’m gonna pick this up there’s the bacon and then my fried piece of cheese is on top high protein and high fat so perfect keto breakfast keep us full pretty much the whole day I usually only do maybe one to two meals a day and that’s pretty much it but yeah so here is our yummy high fat high protein breakfast all right my friends I am going to have a snack so I’m gonna make like a trail mix for myself I’m gonna take some of my very favorite these are the white white chocolate chocolate chocolate chips I have that I have the milk chocolate and the dark chocolate they’re all freakin delicious so freaking good but I got some buddies in the mail the other day this is the Sola brand granola so this is a blueberry cinnamon it has six net carbs and I was kind of looking it up cuz I was kind of like I don’t know so it has tagatose in it and I looked it up like kind of more info onyx I had never heard of this one and I know people are so specific about what they have like what they eat and this has very low glycemic response as well so I’m kind of just you know working with it or whatever I’m only gonna have a snack size you can have a whole bowl which is like what is this sixty grams it’s kind of a lot I don’t need that much high so only a little snack so I’m gonna have just the thirty grams of that so 10-car or ten protein three carbs and eight I’m sorry ten fat three carbs a protein and then a serving of the white chocolate chips and this will be one carb one protein and five add a little a little snack I’m gonna start cleaning up around the house here and I have kind of a sweet tooth so got my scale out cuz scale is your friend honey don’t not trust the eye because it is deceiving you just see like there’s almonds and it looks like dried up the blueberry pieces and stuff like that so then we’re gonna take our chocolate chips and these are 14 grams so there you go and I’m just gonna kind of stir it around if you had some yogurt this would be so good on the top of some yogurt but I don’t have any so this is going to be our snack I’m gonna enter that into my cart manager app that’s what I use to track my macros so here you go and I’m still drinking that water so just trying to get through it I’m on bottle number two I try to drink two of those a day I’m gonna start on our sights first these are three like medium sized he comas I made these before yeah so basically what we’re going to use these for as a alternative to your classic potato so what I’m going to do I’m actually gonna make these differently last time I made them in the airfryer I like them but I want to try them a little bit differently so we’re gonna cut these up and you know try to make them look like fries I guess I don’t know and yeah we’re gonna cut off this top I’m not gonna peel them I am gonna leave the skin on and because the skin is actually really nutritious it has a lot of fiber in it but nonetheless we’re gonna cut these up and here on the stove top I have a pot a pot of water I’m gonna bring it to a boil and I’m gonna boil these with once it starts to boil I’m gonna drop the heat got my in there and then I’m gonna turn it down and then put a lid on it and let that kind of boil for about ten minutes until it gets soft drain them and then we’re gonna toss them into the actual oven so let’s start cutting everything out first let’s get that under under way and then we’ll start on our main dish you so the water started to boil I went ahead and dropped the jicama in there look I called it hi Micah one time and people came for me and corrected me it’s heat ma J a CA ma he got you saying anyways um so I have the burner I’m like a medium a low medium and we’re gonna let that go ahead and you know do his thing boil whatever soften and then we’re gonna strain it next up is this white onion we’re gonna cut that up because we got some ground beef right here I don’t know how many pounds this is probably like two nine pounds to Hans ish you know what we can weigh it let’s see so that’s about three pounds of ground beef and then we have this wait I mean what we are going to do today honey we’re gonna have Patty Mills so patty melts and french fries for dinner but they gonna buck heel friendly let me show you the bread we’re gonna use well damn I was going to use this bread but looks like they went ahead and ate it early okay I am gonna use I just got this in the mail the other day this is the Sola bread it is three net carbs per slice I thought that was pretty good I did have a piece and it’s pretty thick I mean it is like not the largest piece of bread but it is pretty thick and fluffy so I enjoyed it so that’s what we’re gonna use as our bread but yeah we’re gonna take this out and probably myself I don’t know but this is zero sugar citrus punch from the thumpeka brand it’s pretty popular then we got this citrus punch punch one and we got a mangle one it’s zero fat one carb per a talents in zero protein so not too bad um I mean obviously it’s probably sweetened with like aspartame or something like that you know everybody’s gonna hate it I mean it’s not clean keto by all means but you know it’s an option I also been drinking this one that’s really good this is the cranmango the diet 5 this is 2 carbs this is really good for a cocktail two carbs zero fat for eight ounces so I wonder how the other mango one that mmm girl I just got an idea but yeah so I find these at Walmart the Ocean Spray but I found this at a local market so keep you I am going to start cooking up these onions first so I’m gonna take a little bit of extra virgin olive oil I’m gonna put it in this pan just a little a little bit just to coat the pan and then kind of just spread it around so I’m gonna let this oil go ahead and heat up we’re going to cook up our onions first so I you see me just thinly slice these ones and then these ones I just cut regular because I didn’t want to cut off money in hand but they’re all pretty thinly sliced so you’ll notice when the oil starts to heat up it thins out so you can coat the whole pan I’m gonna drop in our onions our patty melt see I don’t know what a patty melt is it’s basically a burger I’m toast what onions thank you it’s real good usually you get a matte like little diners I’m gonna take some of this Himalayan salt put it on top of the onions I love a lot of like cooked onions but onion surprisingly enough having stomach parts in it so unfortunately we got to minimize the onions so how’s it cooked how to know when your onions are cooked they usually start to they caramelize turn like a brown color if they get real thin they give off a lot of water so it usually takes you know a good handful a minute you know eight ten minutes or so so we’re gonna let these cook down you don’t got to do nothing to them just leave them build kind of give them a flip every so often so they don’t get like burns but they pretty much take care of themselves you can see that is really coming to a boil so I’m gonna turn the heat down even more because I want it to not over I’m actually gonna turn the heat off because it’s come to a boil I’m gonna let it just kind of do its thing let it sit for maybe another overall we’re gonna have it probably sit for about 15 minutes we don’t want them to turn to mush but we want them to get a little tender so actually you know what let’s pull one out and check it out so I don’t want it to be like super soft but I still want it to have kind of a crunch to it yeah I actually think these might be okay hon no just don’t do crunchy so we’ll let them sit for another about 5-10 minutes they still got a real like you can see it’s even hard for me to break them so we got some time left on them still well they’re very good things are done so you can see here how I me when they tell you they’re all like clam lice and stuff like that so all good cool emotes we’re gonna use this pants we actually fry everything with as well I’m just gonna keep them right here in this little dish already to set our plate and next we’re gonna start preparing our meat to fry okay so right here I have about three pounds of ground beef this is I think the 85/15 or 9210 animal whatever I got from gospel I’m gonna season it with a little bit of steak seasoning and about three teaspoons of oyster Shire wish you’re sure Pusha Shire you know this stuff so yeah let’s do that first so I guess had three teaspoons I just put this in there gives it a little something extra so this does have carbs in it though guys you can find stuff that has zero carbs but this is the one I have on hand so be careful cuz it because I think it’s a little sweet that’s why I has parked in it and we’re gonna take our steak seasoning this is from Aldi we use it from everything okay just give it a nice coat and then I’m just gonna try to mix everything up I wish they always here to do this I hate mixing up me what I don’t have any gloves with it fake nails on it gets real gross I’m gonna go ahead and sprinkle a little bit more you don’t want to go that’s all I would put don’t go too heavy because can get salty and I feel like too much salt can ruin a meal you don’t get your hands in it honey so what I’m going to do next gonna take me a little paper towel here and I’m going to take about 4 ounces of ground beef and that’s gonna be my patties for each of my burgers okay 485 how much just 5 look like maybe I’ll do 5 so I’m gonna do 5 ounce patties okay so you just go ahead [Applause] make them like giant meatballs okay drop them on a plate and then I’m just going to keep weighing out everything and making my patties so we have everybody has the same amount and that’s easier for me to portion and then track my macros with and these should be enough to have leftover meal tomorrow as well so I went ahead and I strained out these zucchinis a zucchini I went ahead and I strained out the jicama fries they still got a little bit of a bite to them but they still you see they’re a little bit they are like you know they’re not as firm so um we’ll go ahead and we’re gonna let these kind of sit out I blast up a little bit of cool water so they didn’t keep cooking but they are gonna roast now in the oven I have my oven preheating to 400 degrees so those as soon as that goes on we’re gonna throw these in but let’s go ahead and we’re gonna season them real quick before we toss them in obviously so they got some flavor so we’re gonna take our this pan here so yeah I don’t have a dishwasher so this is Haven us on some dishes okay we’re gonna take a little bit of some extra virgin olive oil give avocado oil that would work out just great too but we don’t so we use what we have what we’re going to use the season I found this at Walmart guys I like to take long walks to the seasoning aisle at Walmart Target Whole Foods any grocery store really and I just like to see what they have but anyways this is Frank Ritz red-hot buffalo ranch so I was like oh my god that would be so good on some french fries so that’s what we came to do we’re gonna coat him real good there’s no sugar in here either so I was like yes and then zero carbs and I looked at the ingredients oh my god love smells so freakin good I’m gonna make some chicken with this too I think all right I’m not ready okay into the oven they will go for 20 minutes so I’m gonna set my timer wash my hands again so we’re gonna start on our burgers this my friends is a when me and Leo first got married I was really big on like all the kitchen gadgets this is the griddler home quiz in art I think my mom bought this for me for my birthday and it came with like you can lay this flat and do like pancakes and paninis and there’s a grill and all this stuff okay we’re gonna use it to cook our burgers because I want to we’re gonna let this warm up and we’re going to make our burgers on there [Music] so we’re gonna start grilling the bread because the simples patties are pretty small it they won’t take long on that griddle you could toast it but we’re gonna go ahead and you can feel free to toast your bread but we’re actually going to just brown it up on a skillet with a little bit of butter just to make it you know just like a traditional something you know you would see at a restaurant guys if you wanted to put those french fries on a flatter like cooking sheet you can totally do that I just went with this one and I was already committed I mean in retrospect I probably should have did it the other way but it is what it is you live in you learn you know so Leo’s gonna put it a little bit of butter and he’s gonna fry him I’ll show you right now these are these just gotta go to about 160 guys so I’m gonna attempt them right now I always temp all my food just do it to be on the safe side you don’t want to get sick and then we’ll just walk them we’ll keep cooking the rest of them all right there you go 160 degrees okay so we’ll pull these other two I usually pull it the biggest one is done then they’re all done so I’m gonna cook up the rest of these patties and we’ll be back okay my friends here is my plate this is three ounces of the jicama fries and one of the burgers with 1 ounces of one ounce of chihuahua cheese one ounce of grilled onions and then two pieces of that sole of bread this is the G Hugh’s ketchup I know everybody talks me about alterna but I have not only I have yet to get it so this is going to be my what’s for dinner I might cut into this bad boy and it’s about to go down real good you all right my friends let’s go over this the macros for today guys that patty Mel was so freaking good that Sola bread with it it was like perfect because it was really thick and it was so bad everything the jicama fries that seasoning does have a kick to it so beware it’s a little spicy but it was good okay so I do use the card manager app this is the free version and I do strict keto but lazy keto so that’s how I roll and yeah so here we go we have we lose 18 I try to do like 20 net carbs okay so I did 18 grams of carbs and then I did 93 grams of fat and 92 grams of protein grand total of thirteen hundred and thirty seven calories that’s leaving you know with the bacon the eggs I had Swanson cheese for breakfast and then another ounce right now the jicama the chalk zero the cranberry granola are the blueberry granola look at how many I had just that little bit of onion was one ounce look at that two carbs this is even one of those like great F like forbidden things but you know he’s got to do it in moderation I went ahead and I went through my my app and then you go right here and then I added new and then I would sir recipe and I just added in everything for the burger so I did like three and a half ounces of ground beef and then I did the three tablespoons are three teaspoons of horseshoe Shire washer-dryer so and then how many burgers I made which I made eleven and then I had the two pieces of bread I had a tablespoon of mayo and one tablespoon of the G whose um ketchup so that’s everything I ate today and yeah so I’m feeling real good I think my macros are super good and then I’m so proud too because like I said earlier I did that with day one of the couch to 5k app I really killed it in the gym so I think this was a great day this was really successful so I’m gonna be done eating now it’s 5:13 so we’re gonna start we’re gonna say I’m done logging today then I’m gonna start my fasting at 5:30 right now so I usually do 16 to 8 so I won’t be able to eat until tomorrow until after 9:30 which is perfect because I usually get home from the gym around 11:00 10:30 11:00 so that well just the times line up very nicely all right guys so I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna wrap this video up thank you so much Michelle for collabing with me girl you know I love you I see what you’re doing and I am a true fan and I support you and I think you’re going to be huge the world definitely needed some Michelle in it so I’m excited and I’m thrilled she also call you like my media and stuff so anyways um yeah check her out guys make sure you subscribe seller Danielle sent you all such things like I said if earlier if you’re from Michelle’s channel how you doing my name is Danielle and we have a good time around here I would love for you guys to join the crew it’s a good place we real friends around here and we keep it real real okay but alright I am definitely gonna wrap this up and I will see y’all on the next one take it easy friends bye guys [Music]

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